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Friend of Grace Fridays: Mark Driscoll, Team Pyro & Doug Wilson

Friend of Grace FridaysFriend of Grace Fridays: Our Mafia mascot, Grace, provides a weekly collection of blog posts & articles she digs…or hates. Either way, they’re thought-provoking and challenging.

Today’s the day for theological controversy!

Open Letter to Mark Driscoll by Frank Turk. “If you want to be some kind of cautious continualist: fine. Super. Live it since you heard God call your name. But be at least as cautious to those who disagree with you are you are toward the rank heretics in the Emerg* camp. You’re willing to add some nuance to your approach to them, and most of them have come clean as enemies of faith in Christ. The men you oppose here, and call diests and atheists, are not enemies of Christ. You’d be best served to think and speak a little more carefully about this if your real concern is the church of Jesus Christ.”

Pornographic Divination by Phil Johnson. “The video below features Mark Driscoll, claiming the Holy Spirit regularly gives him graphic visions showing acts of rape, fornicators in flagrante delicto, and sexual child molesters in the very act. WARNING: This is an extremely disturbing video, for multiple reasons.”

TeamPyro on Driscoll (& Moscow) by Toby Sumpter. “Do I think Johnson has a point when he’s concerned about what people might do with what Driscoll says? Yes, but I don’t believe they rise nearly to the level of sin or scandal that Johnson suggests.”

Mark Driscoll, Visions, TeamPyro, Cessationism, and Me by Doug Wilson. “I am not saying that this experience is any more reliable than the other things we might say and do, depending on the person. I am just saying that it ought not to be ignored. I have been part of too many (non-revelatory and yet sufficiently spooky) circumstances to say otherwise — I am speaking of remarkable guidances, provisions, answers to prayer, striking bits of random knowledge, etc. I would like to see us work out the protocols for how to talk about such things, and think it would be good if Phil and Mark could get together to work it through. I would come too, but my presence there would be less disruptive if I just attended in my dream.”

Let’s Not Dance Around the Real Issues by Phil Johnson. “It takes a very talented two-step artist to hopscotch around the many overturned cans of writhing worms Mark Driscoll’s prophetic claims and recent jeremiad against cessationism have left strewn around the dance-floor. Doug attempts some impressively fast footwork, but without the necessary finesse. He comes off looking suspiciously like he’s just doing the Curly Shuffle.”

Questions for Doug Wilson by Dan Phillips. “Here are my specific questions for Pastor Wilson. I don’t ask them pugnaciously. The answers aren’t all simple, though I think some should be. What troubles me in his post is that Wilson side-steps them; so I bring them up for consideration.”

On Being a Tricksy Dancer by Doug Wilson. “There are ways to take issue with something that you believe is not wise without categorizing it as though you are battling with the orcs at Helm’s Deep. I certainly would differ with some of Mark’s take on this sort of thing, just as I would with John MacArthur’s recent and unwise blast against beer. Let’s not man the barricades just yet.”

Updated to add:
Eleven Theses on Private Spirits by Doug Wilson. “As the masthead of Credenda cheerfully states, the boundaries of our confessional commitments are smaller than the boundaries of our fellowship. I want to be in fellowship with men like John MacArthur and Mark Driscoll, despite the areas of our disagreements. That would include men who have more use for private spirits (showing them spirit footage) than we do, as well as men who have less use for private spirits (like Drambuie) than we do.”



3 thoughts on “Friend of Grace Fridays: Mark Driscoll, Team Pyro & Doug Wilson

  1. http://www.kennethgentry.com/products/Charismatic-Gift-of-Prophecy-%28Book%29-30%25-off%21.html

    A good antidote. BTW- Driscoll has been on this trajectory since the beginning of his business.

    Posted by Chris Z | December 6, 2011, 5:20 pm
  2. I’ll try! Let me ask you a question, though. What in particular do I need to calm down about in this instance. Do you perceive me to be pro or anti-Driscoll’s position, or Team Pyro’s or Wilson’s? And how did you come to this conclusion from my statement, “Today’s the day for theological controversy!”?

    Posted by Jeff Wright | August 25, 2011, 3:22 pm
  3. Jeff,

    Try to calm down. I agree that the Babbling Pentecostals are whacked in their Scriptureless ideologies. But, unlike most of them, Driscoll in Seattle does not sensationalize what he has supposedly seen “In The Spirit.”

    Remember, God does indeed look upon sin. He admits Satan himself into the Throneroom, as when He discussed Job. So, The Holy Spirit could indeed have shown Driscoll various sins of his counselees.


    Posted by JoReba | August 25, 2011, 2:54 pm

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