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Friend of Grace Fridays: John MacArthur, Young Restless & Reformed and Beer

Friend of Grace FridaysFriend of Grace Fridays: Our Mafia mascot, Grace, provides a weekly collection of blog posts & articles she digs…or hates. Either way, they’re thought-provoking and challenging.

Today’s the day for theological controversy!

Beer, Bohemianism, and True Christian Liberty by John MacArthur. “This tendency to emblazon oneself with symbols of carnal indulgence as if they were valid badges of spiritual identity is one of the more troubling aspects of the YRR movement’s trademark restlessness. It is wrong-headed, carnal, and immature to imagine that bad-boy behavior makes good missional strategy. The image of beer-drinking Bohemianism does nothing to advance the cause of Christ’s kingdom.”

Memo to the Old, Grumpy and Reformed: You are Swinging and Missing by Erik Raymond. “Aside from the obvious fact that drunkenness and filthy talk being sinful, MacArthur’s article is as wrong as it is unfair. Therefore, in light of what I said in the opening paragraph above, this type of post is unhelpful. It does not advance the line. Here’s why.”

The Brouhaha over the Brew by Travis Allen. “Can someone please help me understand how John is so terribly misguided with his concerns? He is expressing a perfectly legitimate pastoral concern, which is shared by Albert Mohler, Russell Moore, and many other faithful pastors. But again, it’s the young pastors and church leaders who think John’s aim is to convert everyone into grumpy, fundamentalist teetotalers. It’s not about stealing joy; it’s about promoting pastoral wisdom and compassion for people. Church leaders must consider the consequences of what they approve and promote.”

A Toast to John MacArthur by David Kjos. “This beer-lover didn’t miss the point: “It’s irresponsible and wrong for YRR leaders to make beer/wine-drinking one of the badges of the YRR movement.” In fact, I agree. Along with your tattoos, slovenly hair and dress, and “restless” affectation, many of you “young, restless, and Reformed” have elevated alcohol consumption to the level of a virtue. I am not calling you drunkards. You say you practice moderation (as every overweight Baptist at the pot-luck should), and I believe you. And I’m glad you are free to enjoy “wine which makes man’s heart glad” (Psalm 104:15). But I have, from reading several blogs, gotten the impression I might not fit in if I didn’t drink.”

Some Clarifying Points from Yesterday’s Post by Erik Raymond. “I also recognize that there are young Reformed guys who are doing and saying things that not only would Dr MacArthur be not comfortable with but neither would I (because of how it intersects with Scripture). I think this is valid and timely point to make. However, it should be made in clear, specific terms. In short, I think there may be reason to point out some of these issues but it should be done in a far more nuanced and charitable way.”

John MacArthur Drops the Booze Bomb by Joel McDurmon. “What probably upsets the modern prohibitionists most of all is the fact that YRRs and others who imbibe today are simply ignoring them. That’s right. While of course condemning drunkenness and retaining a sensitivity to recovering alcoholics when necessary, the new generation of less fearful, more mature Christians simply refuses to play that cowering game where we’re supposed to shrivel before the wailing imams of the dry jihad. We’re done with it because it’s unscriptural and humanistic. It’s not just unbiblical, it’s anti-biblical.”

God Gave C2H6O Part 1 by David Kjos. “Some of the issues I will address, not necessarily in order, are: Is drinking alcoholic beverages a sin? Is abstinence a higher standard? Is moderation acceptable, but abstinence wiser? Are the ‘rules’ different now than they were in ‘Bible times?’ What about the ‘weaker brother?’ I will not be addressing the ‘wine back then was Welch’s’ argument. With all due respect to some pretty smart guys who say so, I just don’t think it’s a viable theory worthy of consideration.”



One thought on “Friend of Grace Fridays: John MacArthur, Young Restless & Reformed and Beer

  1. Couldn’t we talk about smoking for a change?!
    ; )

    Posted by Dr. James Galyon | August 19, 2011, 6:57 pm

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