Friend of Grace Fridays

Friend of Grace Fridays

Friend of Grace FridaysFriend of Grace Fridays: Our Mafia mascot, Grace, provides a weekly collection of blog posts & articles she digs…or hates. Either way, they’re thought-provoking and challenging.

How the Neo-Calvinist Cabal is ruining Evangelicalism from Doug Pagitt in conversation with Roger Olson. “We discussed the rise of what I referred to as the Neo-Calvinist Cabal within Evangelicalism that is trying to tell everyone what it means to be Evangelical and in my view taking up the role of the fundamentalists in the 20th Century situation that birthed Evangelicalism in the 1940’s.”

Pastoral Ministry Is War by Paul Tripp. “The war of the pastorate is a deeply personal war. It is fought on the ground of the pastor’s heart. It is a war of values, allegiances, and motivations. It is about subtle desires and foundational dreams. This war is the greatest threat to every pastor. Yet it is a war that we often naively ignore or quickly forget in the busyness of local church ministry.”

At Least Theonomists Are Consistent (well, maybe not) by Darryl G. Hart. “If biblical teaching demands that marriage be between a man and a woman (which it does lest anyone think I’ve gone soft), why aren’t evangelicals also calling for policy and legislation that would enforce biblical teaching about divorce, or about the way Paul describes the relationship between a husband and a wife? Also, if you are going to appeal to the Bible for certain aspects of public policy, is it really bad form for journalists to inspect Scripture to see how far such appeal will take a candidate? Saying that suggestions that evangelicals are theocrats is silly just isn’t much of a defense.”

Dutch Inspiration for Tim Keller by By James Eglinton, translated by Nelson D. Kloosterman. “Central to the work of Redeemer in New York City is the Center for Faith and Work, a center where Christians are trained to live out of their faith in their work or in their public function. Keller’s vision for this, as he indicates, would be unthinkable without Kuyper.”

Public Policy 101 for Christian Leaders by Matt Rawlings. “Certainly, there are some projects that are so large that it requires the government to pull them off—like the defense of our country or the national highway system. But do we need the government to interfere with health care? All levels of education? Student loans?”

Is Christianity The Key to Capitalism In China? by William Jeynes. “Professor William Jeynes, Ph.D, discusses whether Christianity is a key ingredient to economic success. He relies upon Max Weber and the case Weber made in his classic work The Protestant Ethic. Jeynes relies on other sources as well. He says that the Chinese Communist Party recognizes the contribution of Christianity to the economic development of the West, and cites economist Zhao Xiao in making the point. But Jeynes’ case for a Christian influence in China appears to be tentative, and his conclusions are challenged by two academics of Chinese ethnicity during the Q&A that follows the lecture.”

Living and Loving Locally by Jamison Galt. “All of us seeking our neighbourhood’s good compose a body. We have diverse gifts and strategies, and we need one another. But we must work in concert to move forward. If one member is crying out that another is doing it harm, then it’s time to slow down, talk, listen, and learn to work together better for the sake of our body—and the world. Living and loving locally demands nothing less.”

[Disturbing article!] The Two-Minus-One Pregnancy by Ruth Padawer. “As science allows us to intervene more than ever at the beginning and the end of life, it outruns our ability to reach a new moral equilibrium. We still have to work out just how far we’re willing to go to construct the lives we want.”

Shai Linne’s Spurgeon track from Storiez with lyrics and images.


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