Pursuing God

My soul clings to you; your right hand upholds me. Psalm 63:8

I love this verse. Here we have a great marriage of God’s sovereignty and man’s responsibility. David is declaring that his soul clings to God. And yet God is involved in action too: God’s right hand upholds David. I think that’s why David says in verse 5 that God satisfies him and he’s singing joyfully (“My soul will be satisfied…my mouth will praise you with joyful lips…”). What a wonderful Gospel truth! God sustains His people.

But David doesn’t just sit back basking in God’s sovereign “upholding hand.” He’s moved to action. He says his soul clings to God. The NET Bible translates this verse as, “My soul pursues you.” It’s an interesting Hebrew word that David uses. He pursues God. This Hebrew word is used in other passages where one army pursues another army with determination {see Judges 20:45; 1 Samuel 14:22; 1 Chronicles 10:2; Jeremiah 42:6}. David is pursuing with determination the God who upholds him.

Are you pursuing God with determination? Are you chasing Him down like one army does another? He is there upholding you… go chase Him down.

Praying that we pursue Him,


About Benji Magness

Known in many circles as 'Rabbi', Ben-jamin is an artist and pastor who can often be seen with a scruffy beard, drinking Starbucks, listening to reggae, wearing black, changing a diaper or reading backwards. His name in Hebrew means "son of the right hand"- which ironically is the hand he would use to paint, draw or even type for this blog if he ever found the time to do so.


3 thoughts on “Pursuing God

  1. Sure brother, in the sense that all good actions imply a “go, and do likewise” (Lk 10:37) upon us, to those upon whom the Lord impresses the weight of their goodness. All things aforetime were written for our instruction.

    Posted by Larry Newman (@CLNSYS) | August 9, 2011, 1:46 pm
  2. Perhaps “responsibility” is not directly rooted in verse 8 per se, but certainly it is implied. David does not sit back and wait on God. He “works out his salvation with fear and trembling.” The indicative of God’s upholding does move him to action. Based on man’s need for God, I would argue that man must pursue God, it is his responsibility. In fact, this is exactly what David expects others to do. In verse 11 David states that he (the king) will rejoice in God. Then David states that “all who swear by him shall exult.” The phrase “shall exult” is a Hithpael Imperfect and expresses an intensive action with a reflexive voice. The reflexive voice is used when the subject of the verb (all who swear by him) performs the verbal action upon itself. To me, this then implies a responsibility upon the worshipper to exult and cling/chase after Yahweh based on David’s testimony.

    Posted by Benji Magness | August 9, 2011, 10:19 am
  3. Man’s “responsibility?” That’s too strong, tries to make an ought out of an is. Does any translation of Ps 63:8 say “my soul MUST cling” or “my soul MUST pursue”? Turning every sincere and truly expressed pious act into obligations and responsibilities is the old hedge-around-the-law idea that Gunny talked about Sunday.

    Posted by Larry Newman (@CLNSYS) | August 8, 2011, 10:27 pm

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