Friend of Grace Fridays

Friend of Grace Fridays

Friend of Grace FridaysFriend of Grace Fridays: Our Mafia mascot, Grace, provides a weekly collection of blog posts & articles she digs…or hates. Either way, they’re thought-provoking and challenging.

Why the U.S. debt deal should have us all reevaluating our values by Jordan J. Ballor. “We need to temper our expectations for what political solutions can offer us and come to grips with what the legitimate limits of governmental action are, particularly in light of the stewardship responsibilities we find in the other areas of life.”

Christians for a Sustainable Economy by Marvin Olasky. “Christians for a Sustainable Economy (CASE), is today scheduled to send a letter to President Barack Obama that sets the record straight. (I signed it.) The letter states, ‘Although they claim to speak for ‘the faith community,’ it needs to be clear that Jim Wallis and the ‘Circle of Protection’ do not speak for all Christians. However laudable their intention, the consequence of their action is to provide a religious imprimatur for big government and sanctify federal welfare programs that are often ineffective—even counterproductive.'”

The Circle of Protection: A Round-Up of Christian Responses by Jospeh Sunde. “Given the evident persistency of the social (gospel) engineers and the relatively mild implications of last night’s news, such a discussion will certainly not fall off our radars any time soon. Thus, here’s a quick look at what others have been saying about the Christian’s role in approaching an unsustainable economic future.”

Kingdom Sloppy: Southern Baptists and Immigration Policy by Darryl G. Hart. “Opposition to open borders may not simply be an expression of nativist prejudice. It may actually stem from plausible political considerations, such as these that Salyer quotes from James Kalb who recognizes that the motivations for unrestricted immigration may stem less from what is true or good or noble and more from economic and political interests.”

Heroin Addicts, Home-school Kids and the Gospel of God’s Grace by Byron Yawn . “If the Gospel we preach does not hit the heroin addict and home-schooler in the same way, then we are missing it. People are saved by grace whether off the street or out of the pew. The unrepentant heroin addict and the unrepentant home-schooled kid have one thing in common – neither has acknowledged their need for Christ. The heroin addict hopes God will be lenient. The morally upright assumes they are better than the heroin addict. Both hope in vain. Christ is the only answer for both.”

Open Letter to Mark Driscoll by Frank Turk. “If you want to be some kind of cautious continualist: fine. Super. Live it since you heard God call your name. But be at least as cautious to those who disagree with you are you are toward the rank heretics in the Emerg* camp. You’re willing to add some nuance to your approach to them, and most of them have come clean as enemies of faith in Christ. The men you oppose here, and call diests and atheists, are not enemies of Christ. You’d be best served to think and speak a little more carefully about this if your real concern is the church of Jesus Christ.”

Preaching and Self-Reference by Carl Trueman. “The Bible itself is mostly made up of narratives of one kind or another. What we need to beware, however, is allowing this attention to narrative and this desire for `authenticity’ (yuck) to become a means of drawing attention to the preacher, of becoming our equivalent of the chat show celebrity confessional, and of thus distracting from Christ.”

Why I’m Not a Pacifist by David French. “When Jesus commanded individuals to turn the other cheek. He was not commanding the government to turn my cheek, to expose my family to the horror of jihad. While there is ample biblical precedent for self-sacrifice, I see no precedent for willingly abandoning others to the will of evil men.”




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