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God Is Watching…As We Burden Our Children With Debt

Jim Wallis and Sojourners Offer Another Emotional Plea to Advance Big Government Agenda

Sojourners, the highly partisan pressure group of the religious left, has launched yet another ad campaign this morning ominously announcing, “God is watching.” The ad is part of the current “Circle of Protection” effort to rally support behind President Obama’s re-election campaign. Consistent with previous drives such as “What Would Jesus Cut,” the “God is watching” ad resorts to emotional pleas rather than offering substantive alternatives to the plans currently under debate in Congress. In this they have something in common with the President who has yet to offer his plan to solve the debt crisis.

The ad begins, “The moral measure of any budget is how it treats the poor” obviously implying that any cuts to “programs for low-income people” are inherently immoral. Part of the slipperiness of such appeals is that “programs for low-income people” can be interpreted to mean just about anything Sojourners wishes to protect as part of its agenda. Sojourners consistently invokes “the poor” as they promote the state’s re-ordering of society through the redistribution of wealth.

Jim Wallis claims to transcend both the left and right as he promotes “God’s Politics” and the Sojourners ad attempts to strike a similar pose: “Neither the Republican House, nor the Democratic [sic] Senate, nor the Obama White House has clearly and publicly committed to protect the poor and vulnerable even though religious leaders have persistently pressed them to do so.”

Such a seemingly non-partisan plea flies in the face of Wallis’s own gushing report from the Circle of Protection’s meeting with President Obama last week. Praising the President’s invocation of “the least of these,” Wallis remarked, “It would be a powerful thing if our pulpits could be linked to the Bully Pulpit here and together we could say, however else we do this, however we put our fiscal house in order, we can’t do it with more sacrifice from those who are already sacrificing and hurting so much. So we’d like to link our pulpits with the Bully Pulpit here and help the American people understand what’s at stake and who’s really going to be impact by all of this. So I felt encouraged.”

By Wallis’s own admission, the Circle of Protection left their meeting with Obama with the express purpose of promoting the President’s agenda throughout the church. Any talk of linking pulpits to the Bully Pulpit from a conservative leader and a Republican President would certainly be met with screams of protest against “theocracy,” “dominionism,” and a violation of the separation of church and state.

Sojourners offers itself as an advocate for the poor yet often pushes policies and principles that actually serve to make matters worse. Roger Pilon of the Cato Institute offers, “We need to remember that ‘helping the poor’ is what got us into our recent mess to begin with: the Community Reinvestment Act, which promoted mortgages for people who couldn’t afford them; the Fed’s inordinately low interest rates, which gave further encouragement; Freddie and Fanny—all leading to the housing bubble that precipitated the Great Recession.” In face of such economic realities Sojourners continues to promote greater governmental interference and ever-expanding programs which can never be cut.

In Proverbs 13:22 Solomon admonishes, “A good man leaves an inheritance to his children’s children.” Sojourners would turn this verse on its head as it would have us leave to our children, not an inheritance, but a crippling burden of debt in the name of protecting “the poor.”



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