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The Circle of Obama’s Protection

The Circle of Protection

Enter a new Religious Left pressure group, same as the old Religious Left pressure groups.

This one is called Circle of Protection, as in a circle of protection “around programs that meet the essential needs of hungry and poor people at home and abroad.” The Circle, with the usual cast of characters including Jim Wallis and Sojourners, Samuel Rodriguez, Ron Sider and the National Council of Churches, employs the standard emotional pleas citing Jesus’s “least of these” complete with pictures of hungry children. As they explain in their “Key Principles”:

“God continues to shower our nation and the world with [dirty capitalist] blessings [despite the best efforts of groups such as ours]. As Christians, we are rooted in the love of God in Jesus Christ [as revealed in the only inspired portion of Scripture, Matthew 25]. [In a total non sequitur] our task is to [lawlessly] share these [confiscated] blessings [before the entire system collapses] with [collectivist] love and [selective] justice and with a special [class-warfare] priority for those [of the wealthiest 1% of the world] who are poor [at the point of a gun no matter what the Constitution may proscribe or a vast majority of the citizens desire].” The quote is slightly edited with my words included in brackets.

Far from merely seeking basic protections for the hungry, President Obama risks default on the nation’s debt by resisting not only “budget cuts that undermine the lives, dignity, and rights of poor and vulnerable people,” as the Cirlce claims to be committed to, but any budget cuts at all. In fact, Obama is actually pushing for tax hikes. Christian Statists are happy to defend the President’s program for ever-expanding government since they believe the State rather than the Church is the primary vehicle for the furtherance of the Gospel. As Circle signatory and class-warfare specialist Barbara Williams-Skinner wrote, churches “are already maxed out in their ability to address issues of poverty and food insecurity.”

The reason these activists believe churches are maxed out in their ability is because alleviating poverty is not the goal of the Christian Statist. The problem, as Williams-Skinner explains, is that “more and more wealth continues to be held by just a few people.” Churches are maxed out in their abilities because they do not have the power to confiscate the fruits of one’s labor and re-order society through the redistribution of wealth. Only the State can do that. As Jim Wallis explained, the gospel is about the state’s redistribution of wealth in society which is why the Religious Left focuses its energies on “caring” for the least of these vicariously through the State rather than the Church.

The poor, along with everyone else, are hurt when tax increases stifle economic growth. Pitting the wealthy against the poor does not work. The American economy is complex and interdependent and when the “wealthy” are made to suffer, everyone feels the effects. Rather than accomplishing anything that actually alleviates suffering or reduces poverty, groups like the Circle of Protection work to protect the expansion of big government at all costs. The only difference between the Circle and secular apologists for big government is that they do it in the name of Jesus. In the end, the Circle of Protection protects no one but President Obama.


One thought on “The Circle of Obama’s Protection

  1. It is amazing that Jim Wallis and others continue to push the “raise spending” to help the poor line. We know from empirical studies that our “poor” are already better off than Europe’s middle class. Also, how many more decades do we continue to increase social spending while simultaneously watching the collapse of the inner-city and Appalachian family before we ask if the New Deal-Great Society-Stimulus programs actually work.

    Posted by Pastor Matt | July 23, 2011, 11:30 am

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