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Friend of Grace Fridays

Friend of Grace FridaysFriend of Grace Fridays: Our Mafia mascot, Grace, provides a weekly collection of blog posts & articles she digs…or hates. Either way, they’re thought-provoking and challenging.

The Theology of Social Security by Douglas E. Baker. “When the American church helped usher in Social Security, it abdicated its responsibility to care for the poor.”

Should Physical Fitness be a ‘Conservative’ Value? from Howard Nemerov. “Physical fitness is a reflection of personal responsibility.”

Ten Ways Progressive Policies Harm Society’s Moral Character by Dennis Prager. “While liberals are certain about the moral superiority of liberal policies, the truth is that those policies actually diminish a society’s moral character. Many individual liberals are fine people, but the policies they advocate tend to make a people worse. Here are 10 reasons.”

The Cultural Importance of the Tea Party by David French. “Budget agreements made this year are renegotiated the next, and we have to settle in for a sustained conflict. At stake is nothing less than the relationship between citizen and state and the future of the American experiment.”

A Review of the NIV 2011: Part 1 of 4 from Dan Wallace. “The remarkable thing about these two newer translations is that such scholars could work together to produce them. And all of them are evangelicals. This speaks very highly for the TNIV and NIV 2011 and serves as an implicit endorsement of the translation by both groups.”

A Review of the NIV 2011: Part 2 of 4 from Dan Wallace. “In my previous blogpost, I discussed selectively the history of the English Bible, and brought us up to speed on the NIV 2011. Now, I wish to look at features of the NIV 2011. This blogpost will focus on the positive features.”



One thought on “Friend of Grace Fridays

  1. I like this idea!

    Posted by Benji Magness | July 22, 2011, 11:01 am

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