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In Defense of Rick Perry and The Response

Rick Perry

Texas Governor Rick Perry (Credit: AP )

Secular Fundamentalists Just Can’t Tolerate Competition

Rick Perry has committed a heinous act of idolatry. Justin Elliot of the Salon.com “War Room” has concluded that Perry’s entire platform can be summed up as, “Let God figure it out.” That’s quite an amazing statement. What could make someone come to such a radical conclusion? Elliot has gotten his hands on a top-secret transcript of remarks by Perry where he actually states, “It’s [the pursuit of happiness] in jeopardy because of taxes; it’s in jeopardy because of regulation; it’s in jeopardy because of a legal system that’s run amok. And I think it’s time for us to just hand it over to God and say, “God, You’re going to have to fix this.“] Thankfully, Elliot placed the offending remarks in bold so we wouldn’t miss the heresy.

Perry is appealing to God to ask him to help us with the problems America is facing. The scandal is that he is not appealing to the right god. What Perry should have said according to Big Government orthodoxy (otherwise known as statism) is, “I think it’s time for us to just hand it over to Big Brother and say, ‘Big Brother, You’re going to have to fix this.” It would also be permissible to substitute “Nanny State” or “Leviathan” for “Big Brother.” It is sometimes preferable to employ the metonym “Obama” for “Big Government.” Perry, however, blatantly and openly blasphemed the god of Big Government by appealing to a rival, the God of the Bible.

Christians such as Perry foolishly believe that God is actually a higher authority than Big Government. These Christians subvert statist orthodoxy by failing to keep any mention of their false god to the confines of their homes and churches. The problem is acutely exacerbated in Perry’s case since he is both an out-of-the-closet Christian and an elected official. As everyone knows, Christians are explicitly prohibited from mentioning God in order to prevent them from “establishing religion” in clear violation of establishment clause theology. The preceding views are all from the perspective of the practitioners of the statist religion, of course.

Richard Dawkins

Evolutionary Biologist Richard Dawkins (Credit: thepunch.com.au/)

One of the latest to denounce Rick Perry and The Response is famed evolutionist Richard Dawkins. Dawkins is a disciple of a different sort of religion. He is a proponent of “secularism” which he describes in the Washington Post this way: “Secularism, it shouldn’t need emphasizing, is not the same as atheism. Secularism is the belief that religion is private, and should not intrude upon the governance or politics of the nation. Many of the staunchest secularists of history have been religious including, perhaps surprisingly to those without much understanding of the issue, Barry Goldwater, that favorite icon of right-wing Republicanism.” Dawkins merely wants us simpletons lacking in understanding to see that Rick Perry “is a traitor to the very Constitution he pledges to uphold.” Wait, Dawkins is English, right? OK, just checking.

While it’s an interesting tidbit of information to be reminded that secularism is the belief that religion is private and should not intrude upon the governance of the nation, this has nothing to do with the Constitution. Dawkins gets it exactly backwards which is surprising because I assume that ‘Studies in the U.S. Constitution’ is a part of the core curriculum for British zoology majors. The First Amendment to the Constitution states in part, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” The First Amendment was designed to place constraints upon the federal government rather than the people. The Framers intended to restrict the feds from officially recognizing and preferring one Christian denomination over another as the official religion of the United States.

In God We Trust

“In God We Trust” above the Speakers rostrum in the House of Representatives

Commenting on the media refusal to air the words “In God We Trust” engraved in giant letters behind the president during the State of the Union address Dennis Prager wrote, “A generation of Americans has been raised to regard any mention of God outside the home or church as a violation of the deepest principles of our country…We have been led to believe that America is supposed to be a secular country. But that was never the case. We were founded to be a God-centered, God-based country with a nondenominational government. And that is what those chiseled words affirm.” Perhaps we ought to forgive Richard Dawkins for his lack of familiarity with our nation’s history since so many Americans are in the same boat.

Do Rick Perry’s prayers as a Governor really have the force of legally binding the United States to recognize Christianity as the official religion of America? Is Rick Perry using his power to force people to pray in the name of Jesus or convert to Christianity? Is he imposing his religion on anyone by praying at a privately funded, unofficial event held at a private facility? Of course not but Dawkins wants us to know that Perry is the “historically illiterate” politician. Pot meet kettle.

What truly frightens Richard Dawkins is that a politician might give “a whit or a whisper of compulsion, or imposition of one religion over others.” Again, this has nothing to do with the First Amendment but does give us some insight into Dawkins’s bigotry. The First Amendment actually prevents the federal government from prohibiting Governor Perry’s free exercise of religion yet Dawkins would use it to do exactly that. What was that bit about being a traitor to the Constitution again? What’s motivating Dawkins is his perverted secularist dogma. Devotees of secularism are in hysterics over the thought that anyone, especially an elected official, might treat their religion as something other than a mess of secretly held superstitions practiced behind closed doors. Religion, and conservative Christianity in particular, is the new “gay” for these bigots, and they won’t tolerate anyone coming out of the closet.

As I’ve written before [see So Jesus, Rick Perry and the AFA walk into Reliant Stadium…], Christ-ians pray in the name of Christ. Furthermore, if Christians are following Christ they actually invite others to follow him too. The witch hunters are not ignorant of these facts. They fear Perry and want him silenced and in this they reveal themselves to be the truly intolerant ones.



One thought on “In Defense of Rick Perry and The Response

  1. Wow, great read! It really exposed the hypocrisy and hate that’s out there against christians.

    Posted by Justin | July 15, 2011, 7:18 am

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