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Ready to fire the town on your order, sir. The town? Burn the church.

I want to continue the discussion I began last week regarding former evangelicals and their criticism of evangelicalism. I want to clarify that evangelicalism ought to be criticized and should not blindly be defended. Evangelicalism, like all movements, is hampered by error and sin because it is comprised of people and churches who are prone to error and sin. I welcome critiques of evangelicalism. As the movement is scrutinized, that which is good, true and beautiful will remain while that which is corrupt will wither away.

Behold, I am...Missional Yoda

However, let us imagine the American evangelical movement as a large, wooden structure; let’s say it is a fellowship hall. As they say “good riddance” to the movement, many former evangelicals criticize it as an arsonist splashing gasoline all over the wood beams. They’d rather see the whole thing burned down than built up. This is not the sort of critique that will benefit us.

We need craftsman who will treat this building as they would their own home. We need those who will use their chisels, sanders and mallets to strengthen, repair, improve and expand the movement. My complaint was against those who merely want to burn evangelicalism down or hijack the title while transforming the substance into something it has never been. We know our house is need of repairs. If you want to help us, c’mon. If not, go work on getting your post-evangelical house framed out.

* The title is a quote from the movie, The Patriot.


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One thought on “Ready to fire the town on your order, sir. The town? Burn the church.

  1. What amuses me is that, alongside the “burn the church” attitude you note here, the DNC-at-prayer brand of post-evangelical will at the same time call on evangelical colleges and other institutions to become more New-Left-friendly, demonstrating a willingness to be “one of the old guard” one moment and revolutionaries the next. I reckon my own inconsistencies look the same to those not living inside of them, but it’s worth noting, I reckon.

    Posted by Nathan Gilmour | July 11, 2011, 9:29 am

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