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Will Our Quality of Life Fall As Our Economic Freedom Is Restricted?

David and Nancy French of The French Revolution posted an enlightening (and well-done) video from the group Economic Freedom today (funded by the eviiiiil Charles Koch Foundation). David added these comments:

“It’s increasingly vital that the evangelical community’s increasing heart for the poor (a wonderful development) is not derailed by progressivism. It is simply not the case that socialism is at all good for the poor that it purports to help.

The problem, as I’ve noted elsewhere, is that progressives speak the language of compassion, while conservatives often speak the language of prosperity. But perhaps educational tools like this will help.”

From ‘Progressives, Poverty, and Economic Freedom’

The self-proclaimed progressives have traditionally won the PR battle with their kindhearted rhetoric even while the results of their policies make matters worse. However, as David noted, the evangelical community has an increasing heart for the poor. The question is – will our compassionate feelings culminate in actual progress or harm?



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