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>Current Views on "Missional Church" – Part Two

>Out of Ur recently presented several posts from various authors regarding “missional church.” Here are the links to the posts along with responses from other blogs and a few other relevant posts from earlier in the year. [See Part One of this post here]

Friend of Grace Keller on Fitch on Kimball on Missional Growth? by Bill Kinnon, kinnon.tv. “My response to Tim [Keller] would be this…”

Friend of Grace The Attractional/Missional Debate Won’t Stop: Three Take-Aways by David Fitch, Reclaiming the Mission. “This attractional/missional debate just won’t stop! And I think we might be getting somewhere. Thanks to Dan Kimball and Out of Ur for starting this whole thing up again. Here are some highlights for me.”

Friend of Grace Following Dan Kimball’s Missional vs. Megachurch conversation by Andy Rowell, Church Leadership Conversations. Andy’s index of blog posts related to the discussion.

See Also:
Friend of Grace Driscoll podcast up… by Bob Hyatt, bob.blog. “The Driscoll podcast calling out everyone to the left is up. Here’s the message- listen to it…To sum up-He uses the word ‘heresy’ in and around the discussion, and while he doesn’t apply it directly to the forehead of either Brian, Doug or Rob, he doesn’t leave a whole lot of doubt as to what category he places these guys in mentally…So- for the record…”

Friend of Grace Driscoll: Emerging Churches “Don’t Have Converts.” David Fitch responds by addressing the nature of mission in a post Christian context by David Fitch, Out of Ur. “Here is my response to Driscoll and others who question the evangelistic impact of missional churches.”

Friend of Grace Effective ministry in a Changing Culture: An Interview with Tim Keller by Darryl Dash, DashHouse.com.

Friend of Grace Tim Keller on Missional vs. Seeker Churches:



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