>Advent Reading

In the four Sundays preceeding Christmas, the church observes the season of Advent (this year starting on November 30). Advent literally means “coming.” The Church calendar helps us create a mood of expectation. From the promise to Abraham til the coming of Christ, 2000 years passed. We give a few weeks to recreate this anticipation. We look forward to the coming Christ in his Incarnation (God becoming man). In doing so, we also acknowledge the present anticipation of Christ’s second Advent, when he comes not in humility like the First Advent but in power.

To help build the anticipation of Advent, my wife and I are going to be reading Scriptures (mostly Old Testament) that speak of Christ’s coming until Christmas. If you want a reading schedule to do your own Advent readings you are free to use or adapt ours:

Nov 30 Genesis 3:14-24
Dec 1 Genesis 17:1-9
Dec 2 Genesis 49:1-2; 8-10
Dec 3 Deut 18:15-22; Deut 34:10

Dec 4 Psalm 89:1-30
Dec 5 Psalm 110
Dec 6 Psalm 2
Dec 7 Psalm 22
Dec 8 Psalm 72
Dec 9 Psalm 132

Dec 10 Isaiah 9:2-7
Dec 11 Isaiah 35
Dec 12 Isaiah 40:1-11
Dec 13 Isaiah 42
Dec 14 Isaiah 53
Dec 15 Isaiah 54
Dec 16 Isaiah 55 (gospel)
Dec 17 Isaiah 61
Dec 18 Isaiah 62
Dec 19 Jeremiah 23:5-8 / 33:7-16

Dec 20 Nahum 1:3-8
Dec 21 Malachi 3:1-6, 4:4-6
Dec 22 Micah 5:2-4

Dec 23 Luke 1
Dec 24 Luke 2:1-40
Dec 25 Matt 1:18-2:18



2 thoughts on “>Advent Reading

  1. >We started celebrating Advent at our church in 2005 (when our new pastor came) and it has become an important and significant tradition already.

    Posted by barrywallace | December 9, 2008, 11:55 pm
  2. >Good stuff. Thanks for posting this.

    Posted by Jeff Wright | December 3, 2008, 1:01 pm

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