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>No Longer Afraid of Constantinianism

>Matthew 25 Network Praises The OneFor eight years we have witnessed the fear and trembling of Christian leftists over the dangerous Constantinianism of George W. Bush and evangelicals. Bush and his evangelical supporters were mixing the interests and missions of the Church and State, so the claim went. There was great cause for concern according to Christians of the Left.

Where are those watchmen now? Whenever a non-leftist entered the pulpit the alarm was sounded that our separation of church and state was being violated. When Bush claimed Jesus as his favorite philosopher he was ridiculed. When Bush said he was an agent of God the Left gasped. Where are they today? The Matthew 25 Network proudly displayed the above picture of Obama in the pulpit with the cross and American flag around him. What do they have to say about statements such as this one,

“Adulation of the Democratic nominee is building to a crescendo. Offering a prayer before a rally in Columbus, Ohio today, Cornal Garnett Henning, an AME bishop for parts of Ohio, West Virginia and Pennsylvania, compared him to Moses and Martin Luther King in the same breath.

He thanked God for having ‘given us a Moses and a Martin called Barack Obama’ and asked the Almighty to ‘grant that we together this nation under God may have the will to bring about the change we need’ and ensure that ‘those who cast their sacred vote will not be deprived this right’. The McCain campaign, you might remember, mocked Obama as a Moses figure in an ad entitled ‘the One’ in August.

The candidate’s wife didn’t quite compare him to a prophet or a civil rights icon but her praise was a far cry from the days when she used to complain publicly about his smelly feet and snoring, wishing she lived with ‘Barack Obama the phenomenon’ because ‘the Barack Obama who lives in my house, that guy’s not as impressive’.

In Columbus, it was all sweetness and light. ‘There’s this beautiful thing about my husband,’ she said. ‘He thinks he can really do everything, he does, with his own power and will.'” [HT – Red State]

Stunning. When times are tough, people seek a Redeemer. The worse the economy gets the more fearful and anxious the people become. They look for someone who will protect them and deliver them. It is a form of hero worship and it feeds into Obama’s Messiah complex. We have the Obama flag, Obama presidential seal logo, Obama plane, Obama’s face on t-shirts and posters similar to third-world dictators, we have children singing to Obama and teenagers marching for him. Team Obama admits that they have purposefully adopted the language of evangelicalism, or perhaps more accurately Saddleback-isms, in order to appeal to Christians. Obama says he will change the world. He will heal all the world’s ills.

Is this ominous stuff? Not to Christians of the Left. What they feared in Bush they embrace in Obama. And Bush never even offered himself as Redeemer and Messiah.



6 thoughts on “>No Longer Afraid of Constantinianism

  1. >I for one welcome our insect overlords.

    Posted by Nathan P. Gilmour | November 4, 2008, 5:33 pm
  2. >Technically, David, Jeff only pointed out the inconsistency of those on the Left who have raged about the Constantinianism of the Right and now embrace it with open arms. He did not condemn Constantinianism itself on either side. Which leads me to believe that perhaps he’s for it! 😉

    Posted by Dwight Watson | November 4, 2008, 4:54 pm
  3. >More pycho-analysis on the way 🙂

    Posted by David Cho | November 4, 2008, 4:31 pm
  4. >:) I love when people pretend to be psychologists.

    Posted by J.Wizzle | November 4, 2008, 4:29 pm
  5. >The Constantinianism of the Right does not justify that of the Left.I know you will say that is not what you believe.But I have not seen a single post condemning the Constantinianism of the Right, only the Constantinianism of the Left. The Constantinianism of the Left makes you feel better about your own.So it begins. At least 4 more years of going in circles on this while both sides play the moral equivalency game, and 4 years later each side will be even more entrenched than it is today.They all do it.

    Posted by David Cho | November 4, 2008, 4:18 pm
  6. >True. People scream about James Dobson and the so-called “religious right” but those same people absolutely love Jim Wallis (Sojourners) and Brian McLaren (Matthew 25). Personally, I don’t pay much attention to any of them. They’re different sides of the same coin, imo.

    Posted by J.Wizzle | November 4, 2008, 4:17 pm

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