>Why I Repeated the "B" Woman Story, An Apology

>The “B” woman story was a final straw of outrageous, over the top, and even violent behavior against Republicans. There were the guys who threw molotov cocktails at someone’s McCain signs in their yard. Sen. Norm Coleman’s house was vandalized with something to the effect of “quit or else” while he was away and his wife and daughter were home alone. Someone shot into a GOP official’s home. And numerous other stories of people having their back glass smashed out because it had a McCain sign and so on. All of these incidents are outrageous and cowardly.

So when I read about the “B” woman I believed it. I should not have but I did. Like I said, it was a final straw moment on the heels of other outrageous stories. In hindsight I, of course, should have been able to see that it was going to turn out to be a lie. Some might ask who would ever do such a thing as carve a “B” into someone’s face and I agree. But I would also ask who would ever throw molotov cocktails onto someone’s property or spray paint a Senator’s house or shoot someone’s home let alone vandalize someone’s car or mess with signs on thier private property. When the woman refused medical treatment and said she would be seen in the morning I should have known it was a lie. When the cable channels were not talking about it I should have known something was up. I should have given it more time before repeating it. I was angry over all of these stories and allowed that to cloud my judgment.

Not only that but it served no benefit to repeat the “B” woman story or the others in the firstplace. Even if the story was true I should not have participated in repeating the story and stirring things up. There are serious issues at hand in this election and stories like this only distract from what really matters although increasing levels of violence against people who support a different candidate is an issue in and of itself.

I apologize for repeating the “B” woman story. Not only was it overly divisive and partisan it was a lie. I will leave it to others to read the tea leaves concerning why the woman did what she did. Many are commenting about the racial element of the story and I can assure you that that had nothing to do with my motivations for posting the story. My concern was the act of violence as it was with the other (legitimate) incidents. I apologize to the other contributors of CRM for associating them with this mess by posting the story here. This was a bad decision on my part especially when we should be working to elevate the level of political discourse.



2 thoughts on “>Why I Repeated the "B" Woman Story, An Apology

  1. >This is a very classy and thoughtful post. A encouraging display of humility which I myself can learn from.I think you described the perils of partisan politics. There has to be ways to get involved in politics without giving into partisan rancor. We have become so aligned with on side of the fence that we have forgotten a sense of fairness. That “the other side” has no sense of fairness does not mean it’s okay for us to get sloppy in the area.

    Posted by David Cho | October 26, 2008, 3:27 am
  2. >Now go read the Donald Miller post! 😉

    Posted by Jeff Wright | October 25, 2008, 12:26 pm

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