>Out of the fire…

>Is it time to start talking about the Democrats’ capture of the evangelical vote? For several years now disgruntled evangelicals have become increasingly aware and angry about the abuse they suffer at the hands of the Republican party. Especially with greater insight into Karl Rove’s clear contempt for the religious right and his willingness to use them to accomplish his own (and his party’s) political ends, I have found more and more Christians, particularly my age or thereabouts, rejecting the Republican party. To be honest, this has warmed my heart on several levels. But in my naivete, I failed to recognize the (what now seems obvious) results. These Christians are seeking to punish the Republican party by voting Democrat. This is nowhere clearer than in the ludicrous arguments being advanced by Christians that the pro-life issue is broader than abortion, and that somehow a vote for Obama is pro-life. I won’t rehash the excellent article by Robert George, or the reflections on it by JT and others in the blogosphere. But I think there is an angle no one is covering on this: These Christians that are so incensed by the fact that they have been used by the Republicans are mindlessly allowing themselves to be used by the Democrats! They are buying into these silly arguments, glad to be snookered if the result is sticking it to the GOP.

Christians who think it is ok to vote for Obama despite his pro-death stance: Where are you? Why don’t you answer these arguments? Explain how it is that you can ignore the MILLIONS of babies murdered each year in order to gain ground on other supposed pro-life issues such as war (the death toll of which pales in comparison to abortion), and feeding the poor. Explain how it is that something you agree is so clearly heinous as abortion is not worthy of swaying your vote. If Obama was an open racist, would this disqualify him? If McCain ran on the “Make Rape Legal” ticket would that disqualify him? Then why doesn’t Obama’s “Make the murder of innocent unborn children more accessible” plank disqualify him? Wake up, Christian! If you so despise the Republican party that you cannot vote for it, at least don’t bloody your hands by casting a vote for Obama. If you are upset at Bush and the Republicans, being coopted by the Democrats is no intelligent response.



2 thoughts on “>Out of the fire…

  1. >Yeah, I’m confused by those that don’t like McCain and like Obama and say it’s because Obama is overall more pro-life. Obama supports abortion, war, and the death penalty. I know most liberals seem not to care about abortion but it’s funny to me how Obama gets a free pass on the other issues. I guess they’re only bad when Republicans support them.

    Posted by J.Wizzle | October 21, 2008, 3:42 pm
  2. >I’ve never understood how the good idea of expanding the sanctity of life issue to include other concerns got turned into the abandonment of the abortion issue. The valid critique of evangelicals that we focus too much at times on abortion and homosexuality alone has turned into abandoning these two issues altogether. I thought the idea was expansion of areas of concern not just a mere change in political party membership. To my friends who are voting for Obama, would you please not call this a “pro-life” move? So many of our terms have been co-opted by the left already.

    Posted by Jeff Wright | October 21, 2008, 11:53 am

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