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>Say it IS so, Joe! Joe the Plumber Highlights Critical Differences Between Candidates, Could Shift Direction of Campaign

>Who would have guessed that it would have been something like this that would have shaken up the race more than anything since the announcement of Sarah Palin as John McCain’s running mate? The focus of the campaign has now shifted to Obama spreading the people’s wealth around versus letting the people spread their own wealth around as they see fit. We’re now talking about higher taxes for those whom the government has determined do not “need” all their money versus tax cuts for all Americans. These are crucial differences between the two candidates.

This is all because one normal guy was brave enough to confront Obama with a simple question. In just a few days Joe the Plumber has asked Obama a question more pentrating than his cheerleading media allies will dare to ask and has articulated the critical differences between the candidates in a more effective manner than the McCain campaign has. Good for him. Joe the Plumber is being attacked right now but that’s no suprise. The agitators on the left consistently attack the messenger (on a very personal level) and attempt to intimidate and shout down the opposition. But now the opportunity has arisen to contrast the classic high-spending, high-taxing leftist from the tax-cutting, pro-growth moderate-conservative. The American people do not favor spreading the wealth around through income redistribution. Now its up to McCain-Palin to drive it home.

John Needs Joe, Now More than Ever by Lisa Schiffren, NRO. “Barack Obama has no clue that there is an economically and socially valuable stratum of our society that is comprised of millions of guys (and women) like Joe, who didn’t need a handout to get started; were willing to work hard for their piece of the pie; will ‘redistribute’ their earings far more effectively by expanding their businesses and hiring new employees than by handing over money to the state to give to the non-productive.”

Did Barack “Spread the Wealth” Obama Just Blow the Election? by James Pethokoukis, Capital Commerce
Joe the Plumber Cuts to Heart of the Presidential Choice by WSJ



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