>Obama and Ayers, the coming debate


Sarah Palin has been picked up in the news for quoting the New York Times story about Bill Ayers (the former 60s radical and bombing-supporter) and Barak Obama. This looks to be a major issue of the last month of the campaign. I thought I would point CRM readers to a few articles to educate them. The association is not straight forward, and so we should avoid the conclusions of those that wish to say Obama’s relationship with Ayers makes him some sort of closet terrorist. On the other hand, it seems that Obama did not distance himself from Ayers even after knowing about his past. The issue plays into poor judgment on those Obama associates with politically (much like the Rezko case), but I would encourage people to check out these articles before making the connection as too close or too inconsequencial, to make a sober assessment for themselves:

New York Times: Obama and ’60s Bomber: A Look Into Crossed Paths

These are all from Stanley Kurtz, the main Nation Review journalist looking into the matter:

Stanley Kurtz: Reaction to New Times Article.

Stanley Kurtz NRO: Obama’s Challenge, and Founding Brothers



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