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>Follow the Leader: McCain & Obama Address the Financial Crisis

>An Open Discussion on today’s competing statements on the current financial crisis from John McCain and Barack Obama.

McCain suspending his campaign: brilliant tactic, mere political ploy, or genuinely putting the country above politics?

Obama’s I’m-here-if-you-need-me approach: lack of leadership or appropriate response?

Should they debate Friday night?



2 thoughts on “>Follow the Leader: McCain & Obama Address the Financial Crisis

  1. >In my estimation, the only probable reasaons Obama does NOT want change the date of this debate is because it is: 1) on a Friday night where not too many people will be watching; there is high school football games to go to and people generally head out to dinner etc at this time; 2) Obama knows that this is a major weak point of his campaign (foreign affairs), and as such, not too many people will see him stammer and studder his way through what he has no clue about; and 3) he has attempted to appear as one who can “multitask” and come across, in his estimation, more presidential by calling his own plays here. Granted I think it has had the complete opposite effect. If it were not for CNN backing Obama’s every play, then Obama would be under more serious scrutiny. McCain has risen to the occasion once again and shown himself presidential. Obama sounds and looks like a deer caught in the headlights once again. McCain is going to come through this weekend looking like the shining knight that saved the economic system and he will most likely get more of a bump in the polls. I seriously see this as the beginning of the end for Obama and in less than 40 days, I think many people will be surprised at the actual outcome.

    Posted by hylander | September 25, 2008, 1:09 pm
  2. >McCain clearly demonstrated presidential leadership here. Because of what he has established for himself over the course of his career he is in a position to bring together opposing sides on this issue. He spoke directly, simply, and decisively. He proposed a course of action and has begun to work on it. And he spoke without the aid of teleprompters because he knew what he wanted to say and do. Obama’s statement is remarkable for that fact that he exhibited no leadership at all. “I’ve told them I’m here if they need me?” That’s amazing. I do not believe that he wants to continue with the debate because he thinks he’ll gain an advantage there. Every time the two have been together McCain has gained an advantage as a result. Rather Obama is worried about being shown up by McCain in Washington. Obama is in over his head and it will (contine to) show.On the merits of the proposals, McCain is correct when he states that the bill as it stands will not pass. I hope it does not pass as it stands. It is inevitable that some legislation will be passed and time is a factor so agreeing to meet until it is done before the markets open Monday is a good idea. The argument from Obama’s people that he doesn’t want to inject presidential politics into the matter is bogus since Obama and McCain are both Senators!

    Posted by Jeff Wright | September 25, 2008, 11:42 am

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