Friend of Grace Fridays

>Friend of Grace Fridays

>Friend of Grace Fridays: Our Mafia mascot, Grace, provides a weekly collection of posts from blogs & articles we dig or otherwise find interesting.

Friend of Grace My Brain Tumor by Robert D. Novak, Inside Report. “There are mad bloggers who profess to take delight in my distress, but there’s no need to pay them attention in the face of such an outpouring of good will for me. I had thought 51 years of rough-and-tumble journalism in Washington made me more enemies than friends, but my recent experience suggests the opposite may be the case.”

Friend of Grace Stand Up to Cancer telethon takes over network TV by Sandy Cohen, AP. “Cancer survivors Lance Armstrong and Elizabeth Edwards kicked off the program with statistics: Cancer kills 550,000 Americans and six million people worldwide each year. ‘That’s the equivalent of 9/11 every two days,’ Armstrong said.”

Friend of Grace God’s Chemo for My Cancered Soul by J.I. Packer, ChristianHistory.net. “Puritan theologian John Owen diagnosed the disease of sin and pointed to the cure.”

Friend of Grace Southern Baptist Hypocrisy? by Denny Burk. The ‘On Faith’ forum (a joint venture of The Washington Post and Newsweek) is hosting a discussion that raises a question about the theological consistency of evangelicals who support Sarah Palin’s vice-presidential nomination: ‘Women are not allowed to become clergy in many conservative religious groups. Is it hypocritical to think that a woman can lead a nation and not a congregation?'”
[See also: Al Mohler’s response]

Friend of Grace Obama Is Losing Support Among Moderate Evangelicals by Steven Waldman, Beliefnet.com writing for WSJ. “Earlier in the week, Mark DeMoss, a supporter or John McCain who had earlier predicted Sen. Obama could get as much as 40% of the evangelical vote, revised his estimates downward. Was it ‘game over?’ I asked. ‘Yes, I think so,’ he said.”

Friend of Grace Wilson row over green ‘alarmists’ by BBC. “The Environment Minister [Northern Ireland] Sammy Wilson has angered green campaigners by describing their view on climate change as a ‘hysterical psuedo-religion’.”

Friend of Grace The Orchard, The Arts, the Christian Faith by Dan Wallace, Parchment & Pen. “Can Christianity produce world-shakers who are not so full of inner turmoil that their lives, and not just their words or art or music, also glorify God? Or is it a prerequisite for greatness that one just has to be a little nuts, a little imbalanced, a bit of a misfit—and an antagonist of the Almighty?”



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