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>Yet Another Stark Contrast Between Obama & Palin:Babies Are Not "Punishment"


“But it’s fitting that in this moment, one of the toughest a young woman can face, Bristol Palin has chosen on her own to take the right path. This baby is not a ‘punishment,’ as Obama so famously said; it is not an object to be destroyed, as Obama argued for in the Illinois State Senate; he or she is a human life, one worthy of receiving the love of a mother and father. And we rejoice in the knowledge that a family will receive this blessing into the world.

Have no doubts about this: Bristol Palin is brave. Braver than any of the hideous bloggers, hiding in their anonymity, who throw muck at her mother and who will doubtlessly revile her decision. Braver than the foes of the right to life who would offer her a knife and a vacuum to end this minor inconvenience. Brave enough to know that it’s not enough to talk about doing the right thing – it’s doing that right thing when the moment calls for it the most.

We thank her for making this choice now – her child will thank her forever.

We send our strongest prayers and best wishes for Bristol Palin, for her future husband, for her child, and for the entire Palin clan.”

from Bristol Palin’s Brave Choice by Ben Domenech at RedState.com


4 thoughts on “>Yet Another Stark Contrast Between Obama & Palin:Babies Are Not "Punishment"

  1. >Pat,Thank you for your comments. I will try to respond to only a few points.I agree that there are HUGE social responsibilities that the Republican Party appears to overlook. I have a child with Down’s Syndrome and know very well the reality of living with disabilities or a child with such. I also ran a homeless shelter for two years while in Bible College so I have a little experience in that venue as well. I’ll touch on these and then respond to your question about the 10 year old rape victim.(1) I presently live in England and am fortunate to experience the free health care provided through NHS. At first glance the term ‘free’ seems to make it all seem great but, like our own health care system it has its problems. Our family receives great health care. And as long as the government can afford it it will hold out. Recently, however, people with certain forms of cancer have been denied access to very expensive medications that will prolong their lives because of the expense. Moreover, I saw on BBC yesterday where a great number of infants born prematurely are denied access to incubators because they only have a 50/50 chance of living and if they do survive will probably have some form of handicap. Now I don’t know about you, but I would have to ask what Jesus would want us to do in these matters. I say we help those who are truly helpless. I, for one, believe the U.S. has the best health care available. However, the expense of health insurance has brought about the situation of limited access to families who can’t afford it. This desperately needs to be corrected. In that sense our program needs a major overhaul. I would love to have access to the best medical care in the world. But if I can’t afford it I would gladly settle for second best for free. Yet, every health care system in the world has problems. We just tend to see our own, which is common among all people.(2) With regard to homelessness, this is an issue that is difficult to discuss. There are so many homeless people with mental illnesses that it’s not funny. I dealt with mental illness more than anything else. I will have to say, however, that a great majority of the people I housed suffered from mental illness due to excessive use of alcohol and drugs. Not all but most. Moreover, I had at least 20% of my population in the shelter that were perfectly fit, able to work and normal. They often indicated that by staying on the street they received free medical care, a place to sleep every night, free clothing, and 3 very nice hot meals every day. Now I am certainly a BIG proponent to give aid to the homeless. However, when I hear people bemoaning the government for not helping these people I have to ask, “Where do you live?” Because homeless people have ENORMOUS amounts of aid provided to them in many parts of the U.S. Moreover, they have a network and they know where to go and when to go to get the best benefits (of course this is not the case with the severely mentally ill). So the problem is not that we don’t care for the homeless, it’s that the homeless don’t care about themselves. A major overhaul needs to be done here as well to stop this silliness in its tracks. If we continue to give them everything they’ll never come out of the system. The truly desperate, mentally ill, disabled, people need our help. But like most of our liberal socially minded programs, they are getting ravaged by those who take advantage of the system and those who need it are getting pushed out. So the real oppressors here are not the government, but rather the pseudo-homeless, pseuo-disabled, lazy people taking advantage of your kindness.(3) Concerning the analogy of the 10 year old rape victim. You ask the right question, “What do you think Jesus would say?” Well, if I hold Scripture in any regard at all. And if I examine other non-canonical Jewish literature fro that period, which reflects traditions widely circulated at that time, abortion would not be Jesus’ solution. Often we think Jesus would always opt for the very American, “make my life easy” approach. Yet Jesus himself did not take that avenue. I personally cannot say what Jesus would say other than what is found in the Scriptures, that ultimately point to him. And that would be that life is a gift of God no matter what kind of wrapper the gift comes in. My wife and I are frequently asked why we had our baby girl since she had Down’s Syndrome. THis comes mostly from Muslim families who live near us and are very good friends of ours. I often think to myself that they sound like liberal Americans who are ready to flush anything down the toilet that is an inconvenience or a difficulty. However, this is a great platform for us to share the love of Christ with them.Please, don’t take my response as crude. This is a most difficult situation you have posed. I have three daughters so don’t think I answer on a whim! This said, I struggle sometimes with whether the government is responsible to legislate morality. It seldom works, i.e. slavery and prohibition. The only thing that does is provide consequences for actions the wicked will continue to practice anyway. So it is difficult. So the question is not really what would Jesus say in this situation. The real answer is what will WE say in light of the revelation given to us from Christ? The real question is what will Christians do when faced with these issues? God has given us his Son and his Word and BY FAITH we are to live. So let’s stop asking what would Jesus do, and start thinking about what we will do by faith in Him.I hope this helps.Mark

    Posted by Mark Mathews | September 9, 2008, 9:38 am
  2. >To be fair- the political pundits and party spokesman beat up on each other. It is usually the right wing that is the meanest and most extreme spinners. This is true and don’t try to deny it. I know I’ll be called a communist or some other ridicuous name but I”m stating my opinion anyway.I am a Christian Catholic as well as an American who believes we need to help our citizens that are stuggling with debilitating issues. Isn’t that what Jesus would want? We need to address poverty, homelessness, housing, mental illness, health care, education, and the economic crisis many middles class are experiencing. The Repulican party removes the resources. Big government they say. What could be bigger thant Bush’s government policies. I won’t go there or I’ll be her all day.But- McCain – 200 million tac breaks to 9 of the richest corps- and for what? To send our industry overseas? Because he thinks the Bush supply side economics and trickle down effect works? Forget about the citizens again! This makes me question the morals of the conservative party. sorry.What good could we do with the 15billion a week? Much of that money is being used for rebuilding Irag, while iraq sits on a 79 billion dollar surplus.The right has always had the platform of personal responsibitity. So-If your poor-it is your fault? If you have schizophrenia it is your fault? Get over it right? If your job is taken away and sent overseas for profit, and the only replacement is some poverty level pay- what can the average American do? We go to our Government for help. I say good luck on that. To even think that the repulican party cares about it’s citizens welfare is delusional. Are you kidding me? The proof is in the pudding. If you are one of the 85% of Americans who have been affected with someone living with mental illness and know first hand the lack of resources available and continuing to be cut. I work with the mentally ill, and much of what I do is to help people to sustain their recovery enough to get back to work and enjoy a level of peace. Spirituality and faith in recovery is a huge part of this recovery. Thou shalt not kill! No addendum. There have been over 4,000 American soldiers killed in this horrible war. How many of these soldiers were killed needlessly. To support needless wars, and not abortion is hypocrital! Bring it on! I don’t believe in abortion at all. However I wonder what Jesus would say to me if my child at the age of 10 who had begun puberty would have become became pregnant due to rape. Does this child need to go through the pregnancy? How much value do we put on her life? I really want to hear your opinions, because it is something I have struggled with in my thoughts. God BlessPat

    Posted by Pat | September 3, 2008, 4:20 pm
  3. >Obama understands what’s at stake if his campaign is seen as exploiting this. He has come out very strongly defending the Palin family’s right to privacy in this situation. It’s politically expedient, but I think that his position that family is “off limits” is sincere. Much classier than his campaign’s initial statement on Palin’s announcement.

    Posted by Dwight Watson | September 2, 2008, 6:23 pm
  4. >I don’t think the left-wing media and the other critics of this VERY NORMAL family realize what they will do to themselves if they mount up an attack against these people. Americans like the underdog and this family being pummeled by the media will only make Obama, his shriveled up partner in crime, and other Pharisaical Democrats look like mean old fools! Don’t get me wrong, this was risky business on McCain’s part. But where there is risk there is reward. And this just may be the equivalent of hitting the political PowerBall. But I may be wrong.Anyway, we should pray for this little girl who is already going through a difficult time. It’s a shame politics takes such a personal toll on the candidates and their families.

    Posted by Mark Mathews | September 2, 2008, 3:23 pm

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