National Founders Conference on Church Planting & Renewal

This past week I attended the National Founders* Conference at Bethel Baptist in Owasso, Oklahoma. The theme was Church Planting & Church Renewal. If you’re pastor or planting or thinking of planting, I think you’ll find this beneficial information. Some of it you’ll find beneficial even if you just love Jesus and want to better honor Him.

Check out streaming video archive of the conference or the audio. (Transcripts are from Timmy Brister‘s liveblogging.)

The theme was Lengthening the Cords & Strengthening the Stakes: Renewing and Planting Local Churches.

Ted Christman (Transcript)
An Exposition of Psalm1

Andy Davis (Transcript)
Dangers in Reforming a Church

Tom Nettles (Notes, pdf)
Biographical Sketch of Daniel Marshall

Voddie Baucham (Transcript)
Building a Solid Doctrinal Foundation

Ed Stetzer (Transcript)
Lengthening the Cords and Strengthening the Stakes, Part 1

Don Whitney (Transcript)
Reforming through Discipline

Ed Stetzer (Transcript)
Lengthening the Cords and Strengthening the Stakes, Part 2

Leadership Dialogue (Transcript)

Andy Davis (Transcript)
The Importance of Filling Your Life With Scripture

Phil Newton (Transcript)
From Planting to Reforming

* Founder Ministries is a Reformed group within the SBC seeking to return to the organization’s theological roots.


About Eric "Gunny" Hartman

Gunny is pastor of Providence Church in Plano, TX, and has taught at Dallas Theological Seminary and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He has completed coursework for a PhD in Rhetoric at University of Texas at Arlington and tries to be a good father to his 4 kiddos, exhibited by coaching a girls soccer team.


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