Friend of Grace Fridays

>Friend of Grace Fridays

>Friend of Grace Fridays: Our Mafia mascot, Grace, provides a weekly collection of posts from blogs & articles we dig or otherwise find interesting.

Friend of Grace Emergent’s New Christians and the Young and Restless Reformed by Collin Hansen and Tony Jones. “Christianity Today invited Hansen and Jones to read each other’s books and discuss how the rise of one movement might illuminate aspects of the rise of the other. Are both movements scratching the same itch? Are there internal tensions in one movement that also appear in the other?”

Friend of Grace CT’s Q&A: Daniel B. Wallace. “On his organization’s ancient New Testament manuscript haul in Albania.”

[I know its kind of lame to have only two links and they’re both from CT but I couldn’t stand to deprive Grace of her weekly column again. The first link might provide for some good discussion. Jeff]



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