>Thank you for your prayers

>Many of the contributors to CRM are either seminary, undergrad, or PhD students and/or college professors. April is a VERY busy time for us. Please keep us in your prayers! If we’re a little slow in posting new items during the next few weeks, you’ll know why.

Thank you for supporting CRM! We appreciate your regular visits and your links to us. Anything you could do to help us spread the word about CRM would be greatly appreciated.



One thought on “>Thank you for your prayers

  1. >I too thank you for any prayers you offer up on my behalf. I have five weeks and one day until my comprehensive exams for Ph.D candidacy begin, so I’m definitely sweating it. I promise that, when May 29 comes around (the tentative date for my oral exam, provided that I pass the written exams the week prior), I’ll be back here with some more frequency.

    Posted by Nathan P. Gilmour | April 12, 2008, 3:09 pm

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