Huckabee and Hannity

Talk Radio vs. Mike Huckabee

I figure Jonathan has already seen this, as he’s my go-to guy for federal political questions, but I stumbled across it this morning and found it interesting.

I do concur with the post that what AM radio I’ve listened to of late has been unabashedly anti-Huckabee. I knew that Hannity and Limbaugh couldn’t stand McCain, but the fact that they so strongly oppose the only remaining anti-abortion lifer confirms what I’ve suspected for some time, namely that their concern for opposing abortion has for a while been a pander to the evangelicals. Now, when the chips are on the table, they seem to prefer pro-abortion neo-liberals (in the economic sense) to anti-abortion populists.

Incidentally, Wizzle, Congressman John Linder wrote a glowing endorsement of Mike Huckabee this Sunday in an op/ed piece for my small market newspaper. (I get it free with my twelve-dollar-a-month cable TV subscription.) Among elected officials Linder’s the longest-running advocate for the FairTax plan that I’m aware of, and Huck’s support for it seems to have gotten at least the elected end of the FairTax community behind him.


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3 thoughts on “Huckabee and Hannity

  1. >Laura Ingraham waxed glowingly of Duncan Hunter, early on. Duncan Hunter was her man!Of late, she’s been positively fawning toward “Offshore Romney,” while petulantly dissing Mike Huckabee every chance she gets.Now that Duncan Hunter has thrown his support for Huckabee, do you imagine Ms. Ingraham will curb her adolescent proclivities against Gov. Huckabee? (Naw, I didn’t think so, either.)On another note, time to write the National Right to Life (nrlc@nrlc.org) – now that their dynamic endorsee, Sen. Thompson, has listened to his mother and left the race – and request that they endorse Michael Dale Huckabee for President based on his sterling pro-life record.

    Posted by Ian | January 24, 2008, 4:07 am
  2. >Well, I’m one of the lucky souls who got that newspaper column on my driveway this Sunday. (It was wrapped in plastic to protect it from rain.) :)I do find Hannity’s blank checks for Romney and Giuliani amusing, I’ll admit. (I usually start driving home around 4:30, before All Things Considered fires up, so I sometimes listen to as many as twenty-five minutes of Hannity, minus the commercial breaks.) For all his antics about politicians’ “flip-flopping,” he doesn’t seem to mind theirs.

    Posted by Nathan P. Gilmour | January 23, 2008, 5:39 pm
  3. >I totally agree with the article. The conservative pundits and GOP establishment have been really pissing me off. I won’t forget how they treated Huckabee. It’s funny…the GOP and the pundits treat evangelicals and ‘values voters’ the same way that the Dems treat black people. The pretend to care about them but they really just care about their votes…which they take for granted. The fact they the pundits are supporting Romney and Giuliani but crapping on Huckabee makes me so angry. Also, they have really distorted Huckabee’s record. If you look in to he is not some tax and spend liberal that they want you to think he is.Also, it’s funny that you posted the newspaper article. I just posted it on my blog the other day.

    Posted by J.Wizzle | January 23, 2008, 5:00 pm

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