Coming Soon–God’s Harvard

It’s fun doing this collaborative blog thing, and I think that everyone involved has put up some really good material. Ye faithful readers might wonder why the posts have slowed somewhat. The answer, sensible once one considers it, is that many of us Mafiosi are also college teachers and students, and the last half of November and the first of December are busy months for such folks. But for the sake of keeping you coming back, I figured I’d give a preview of what’s coming to CRM soon.

J. Wizzle and I have had some fun lately (I have, anyway) engaging some of the big questions that David Horowitz’s book Indoctrination U brings up. In the comments sections of one of his posts, I wondered in text why free-market types have not simply innovated, turned conservative think-tanks into colleges or simply started new schools. Our next project will take a look at one group of people who did.

Our next foray into Christianity, college, conservatism, curriculum, and students who whine about getting too many C’s (too subtle?) will be a series on God’s Harvard, a journalist’s book about Patrick Henry College, a school founded fewer than ten years ago and dedicated, in the words of their website, “to promote practical application of biblical principles and the original intent of the founding documents of the American republic, while preparing students for lives of public service, advocacy and citizen leadership.” The questions that the text generates will, I imagine, be different, but the Wizzle and I will once more be doing a teacher’s perspective/student’s perspective exchange.

Beyond that, all of us evangelicals (including me, a bad evangelical) will continue to explore the squirrelly things that happen when literate and confessing Christians live in the world and question what it might mean not to be of the world. Stay tuned!


About Nathan Gilmour

Nathan P. Gilmour is a Christian, a husband, a father, and a college English teacher. He tries to do all of that and write something worthwhile on occasion.


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