Friend of Grace Fridays

>Friend of Grace Fridays, Round Two

> Just came across these two CT pieces this afternoon:

The Crisis of Modern Fundamentalism
Defections threaten a proud movement.
By Collin Hansen

A Higher Ecclesiology for Evangelicals
Bryan Litfin, author of Getting to Know the Church Fathers, says that we need to reclaim our spiritual heritage.
Interview by Susan Wunderink

Both articles are related to things we’ve been discussing here recently so I thought I’d post the links in order to generate further discussion. Enjoy!

edited to add:

– CMP at Parchment & Pen has also been writing about the state of evangelicalism this week. He believes the term is now meaningless and floats the idea of using “Historical Evangelical.” Check it out: Can I Just Start A New Tradition?

– Apparently this week is Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week. I did not realize that. Interesting site.


One thought on “>Friend of Grace Fridays, Round Two

  1. >From the second link:The Holy Spirit is the person of the Trinity who indwells the believer, but also believers collectively as the body of Christ. The Holy Spirit is the person of the Trinity who indwells the church. What you have to do is intertwine ecclesiology and pneumatology.The role of the Holy Spirit that evangelicals typically tap into is “the Spirit in me.” So I’ve got the Spirit and I can sit and look at the text, and I can figure it out. But that’s not really the only way to think about the Holy Spirit. Yes, the Holy Spirit is the Comforter, but he is also indwelling the fullness of the church.What a proper pneumatology does is move us away from pure individualism and move us toward a high ecclesiology that is willing to then look at the collective witness of the church, which I would define as tradition. The Holy Spirit’s role, as much as it is to illumine my personal understanding of Scripture, perhaps even more is to illumine the body as a whole. At which I can partake of that gift of time-honored inheritance.I think he hedges on this point a bit more than I would have, but the central idea works: the Spirit is not something working in contradistinction to communal reading practices but the grounds by which communal reading becomes possible.

    Posted by Nathan P. Gilmour | October 26, 2007, 9:20 pm

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