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>Saying "Yes"

>Do you have times as a parent when you feel like you’re always telling the kids “no”? “Don’t do this,” “don’t do that.” “No, you can’t watch that.” I feel guilty about that from time to time. Many times it is totally legit for me to tell the kids “no” but sometimes I really don’t have a good reason for it. Sometimes I’m just being lazy or I’m too wrapped up in what I feel like doing at the time.

I had a short 15 minute break at work today and I took the opportunity to turn on the Glenn Beck Program to see what he was talking about. He read a story a listener had sent him. I’m sure I’ll botch some of the details of the story. The listener was standing next to a mom and her daughter at Wal-Mart as they were waiting for the rain ease up before they went out to their vehicles.

The little girl asked her mom if they could run in the rain. The mom told her they were going to wait til the rain slowed down so they wouldn’t get soaked. After waiting for a minute, the girl asked again and she told her mom that they could run in the rain without getting wet…just like her mom said. Surprised, the mother asked the girl when she has ever said that they could run in the rain without getting wet. “You said it this morning. You said that God could do anything when you said that He could take Daddy’s cancer away. God can keep us from getting wet when we run in the rain.” The mom replied, “You’re right. And if we get wet its because God wants us to get washed off” (paraphrased).

Just a few weeks ago, my oldest two girls asked me to go run in the rain with them. They love to go out in the driveway and run laps around the car when we get a downpour. I did this with them one time when it rained and they want to do it every time now. I told them no this time. Just didn’t feel like it.

I can tell that my perspectives on certain things have begun to change since we learned last month that my dad has cancer. My great grandfather died of prostate cancer, my grandfather had prostate cancer and had it removed, and now my dad has prostate cancer. Unlike my grandfather’s, his has already spread elsewhere. It doesn’t take a genius to figure that if my great grandfather, grandfather, and father all had/have prostate cancer, I will too.

It takes a whack upside the head to grab your attention sometimes. There’s no real good reason to not go run in the rain with my girls when they want to do that. Its crazy little things like that that we’ll look back on and laugh about one day. Life is short. Have fun with your kids. Put the book/remote/screwdriver/keyboard down and go run in the rain with them if that’s what they want to do with you. Let’s take advantage of the moments we have.



2 thoughts on “>Saying "Yes"

  1. >Thank you for letting me know that.

    Posted by Jeff Wright | September 25, 2007, 10:49 am
  2. >Thanks for that. (Also the reminder to pray for your dad and family)Brought a lot of emotion, my wife “survived” cancer. (18 months now) and my youngest is in college.

    Posted by blind-horse | September 24, 2007, 10:45 am

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